Race Information

legrizz moved to Polebridge

50 Mile Race Details

The Le Grizz Ultramarathon is an undulating gravel road course with one short section of pavement at the start/end around the Mercantile. Racers will find themselves surrounded by the peaks of Southern British Columbia and Glacier National Park. The course meanders along the North Fork of the Flathead River.

  • Distance: approximately 50.1 miles
  • Start/End: Polebridge Mercantile
  • 90% gravel road
  • 10% paved road


Coming soon!

Aid Stations – Details coming soon!

Early Bird Start

There will be an early bird start for racers who run at a slower pace and have concerns about finishing before dark. The early birds will start at 6:30am instead of 7:30am. Please be prepared with headlamps if you are an early bird racer. Race times for early birds will be included with all other race results.


Both crewing and pacers are allowed at the Le Grizz. When crewing please park at aid stations or clear pull-outs marked along the road. The road will not be closed and be considerate of non-race traffic. Pacers need to be considerate of other racers. All participants running slower than a 12 hour pace must have their own crew to monitor them for safety. Racers running slower than a 12 hour pace without their own crew will be disqualified by staff.


There will be unique awards for the top three in each age category: Open (up to 39), Masters (40-49), Seniors (50+).  There will be a unique trophy for all finishers.