Le Grizz 50-Mile Ultramarathon Details

The 2024 course is back on the North Fork Road, beginning and ending at the Big Creek Outdoor Education Center (BCOEC). After the 7 am shotgun blast at the BCOEC, runners will head south for 6.5 miles only to turn around where the pavement – and civilization – begins. Runners will then head northbound for 25 miles, summiting Vance Hill before turning around once more to head back to BCOEC for their final 18.5 miles. See maps below for details, and/or click here to view the Strava route.

With approximately 2,300 feet of elevation gain across the 50 miles, this course is remains true to the traditional elevation profile of Le Grizz – undulating gravel roads with occasional gentle inclines – excellent for folks seeking their first ultramarathon finish.

See below for details on aid stations, drop bags and more!

Le Grizz 2024 Elevation Profile

Aid Stations

At our aid stations, runners can expect to see a variety of tasty treats for their grizzly appetites, as well as water (of course) and endurance products (electrolyte and energy gels) from our sponsor, Hammer Nutrition.

The menu for your 50 miles may include items such as bananas, oranges, peanutbutter pretzels, hard and soft candies, potato chips, hot broth, wheat thins, jerkey, vanilla wafers, bacon, coca cola, fig newtons, dill pickles and more.

If you require anything particular for your race, we do have a drop bag option! See details below.

          START: Big Creek Outdoor Education Center

          AS 1: Mile 6.5 – “Where the Sidewalk Ends” Pavement turnaround

          AS 2: Mile 13 – Big Creek Outdoor Education Center

          AS 3: Mile 18.6 – Glacier View: Demers Ridge pullout

          AS 4: Mile 24.3 – Home Ranch Bottoms

          AS 5: Mile 31.3 – “Over-the-Hill” turnaround

          AS 6: Mile 34.5 – Polebridge Mercantile*

          AS 7: Mile 38.9 – Home Ranch Bottoms

          AS 8: Mile 44.6 – Glacier View: Demers Ridge pullout

          FINISH: Mile 50 – Big Creek Outdoor Education Center

*Note: Runners will ONLY stop at the Mercantile after turning around at AS 5 and will NOT turn into Polebridge while heading northbound on the course after their stop at Home Ranch.

Drop Bags

Runners will be allowed ONE drop bag, which will be accessible at the Home Ranch Bottoms Aid Station, miles 24.3 and 38.9. Please be sure to check in your drop bag at packet pickup so we can make sure to get it on course!

We do not limit drop bag size and want you to have everything you need for a successful race. If you rely on something special, pack it in your drop bag as an aid station could run out of some items.

We highly recommend using a garbage bag or plastic bag liner in your drop bags to keep things from getting wet – who knows what the weather may bring to Polebridge in October!

Please clearly mark the drop bag with your name and bib number. A marker and duct tape will be made available to you for this purpose.

What should you put in a drop bag?  Cold weather clothing, extra socks, perhaps a spare pair of shoes if it’s sloppy out there, sun screen, personal medications and over-the-counters, salt tablets, and a water-proof poncho are always great to have on hand. While we do our best to make sure our aid stations are well stocked, any gels, electrolytes or other special “fuel” you want to make sure you have on hand is also a good idea. Plan for the worst case scenario, and remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear!

Early Bird Start

A 6 am start is available for runners who need more time. If you are interested in this option, please be sure to let us know at your packet pickup so we can make sure to track you for your official time!


Both crewing and pacers are allowed at the Le Grizz. When crewing please park at aid stations or clear pull-outs marked along the road. The road will not be closed and be considerate of non-race traffic. Pacers need to be considerate of other racers. All participants running slower than a 12 hour pace must have their own crew to monitor them for safety. Racers running slower than a 12 hour pace without their own crew will be disqualified by staff.


There will be unique awards for the top runner in each age category: Open (up to 39), Masters (40-49), Seniors (50+). There will be a unique award for all finishers.