Relay Details

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  • New this year, we have not created any predetermined legs and these are up to relay teams.
  • Important! While planning your “legs,” note that the course will follow the same route as the 50 mile course except it will omit the section between aid stations 3 and 4, as this section is too narrow to accommodate vehicles. Instead, the relay race will do almost two laps of the northern segment of the course between aid stations 3 and 6, stopping 2 miles short of Aid Station 6 on the second lap to turn around and head back to the start. There will be plenty of signage and friendly volunteers to make sure your team stays right on track!
  • The suggested team number is 4, but you may size your team as you wish.
  • Teams will not be split up by divisions.
  • The relay will start at 8 am, a half-hour after the 50 mile start.
  • Relay team must provide ONE team vehicle to transport runners to transition points where high fives are exchanged
  • The runners will “leapfrog” each other in their chosen succession using a car to transport between each leg

2023 Le Grizz 50m and Relay will follow a new route!

A new course map and relay legs will be shared soon, following a similar structure as 2022 with as similar distances as possible.

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*the first of your teammates will need to create a team which the rest of the team can join